About Us

Welcome to First Payment Provider!

"I have started this financial hub to help those paying too much for relatively cheap banking services. During my time in financial administration, I noticed that many banking institutions overcharge their clients needlessly. Therefore, I made it my mission to change this status quo. At First Payment Provider, we want people to have full control over their finances at a minimal cost.”

Matthew Lafarge

Founder and CEO

We are an up-and-coming financial platform looking to provide high-quality services in a competitive industry. Our company may be young, but our team has decades of experience in the financial world. Above all, we make it our mission to provide optimal financial assistance to anyone and anywhere they may live.

Our creed is that people should have open access to financial services. We believe that only with an in-depth financial understanding and 100% financial freedom can we move forward as a society. And, in this regard, the fees for financial services should be set at a minimum.

Mr. Lafarge has a Ph.D. in economics and a long career in financial administration. His modern views of economic freedom have contributed significantly to the conception of First Payment Provider.

Our Team

Meet the First Payment Provider team of financial professionals and accounting experts!

Mrs. Carlston brings her decade-long experience in banking to help improve First Payment Provider services. Her goal is to make this financial hub one of the best service platforms in the world.

Danielle Stevens

CFO and Financial Expert

Mr. Woods is an expert accountant with more than 25 years in the field. He has previously worked with major corporations. Additionally, he has even taken executive positions in governmental institutions.

Christopher Woods

Accountant and Financial Analyst

Mr. Dixon has worked for telecommunications companies and traditional banks in the past. Today, he wants to take First Payment Provider to the next level with premium customer assistance.

Peter Dixon

Customer Service Specialist

As an expert in data analysis, Ms. Anderson supports the platform’s development according to the latest market trends.

Cynthia Anderson

Data Analyst

Mr. Keane has a lengthy portfolio containing 500+ websites for some of the most famous companies in the world. Currently, he is in charge of the First Payment Provider website design and development.

Marcus Keane

Website developer